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Welcome to Play 4 Life Moms!  We are glad you are here!

Moms are BUSY.  The to-do list seems to never end. It is easy to get caught up in all that has to be done to keep your home and family running, and at the end of the day you may be asking yourself:

  • Have I connected with my children well today?
  • Do we have enough fun and laughter in our home?
  • Does our home have the atmosphere I want it to have?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, you need PLAY 4 LIFE MOMS!

With a monthly or annual membership you will receive encouragement right in the middle of your day to help inspire you to connect with your kids, laugh more and build the atmosphere you dream of for your home.

  • Text Messages

    8-10 text messages per month designed to inspire, uplift and encourage all moms on this mothering journey.

  • Members-only Group

    Access to a members-only Facebook group for additional support, collaboration with other moms and live video from founders, Christy and Chantelle.

  • Monthly Challenges with Prizes

    *Coming Soon*  Monthly Challenges to provide more motivation to build connection and fun with your family!

  • What are other moms saying about Play 4 Life Moms?

Julie Bogart, Brave Writer

"You know how your calendar alarm mostly reminds you of the things you don't want to do? Like dentist appointments and bills to pay? Chantelle and Christy think otherwise. This pair of homeschool moms has put together text messages to remind you to do the stuff that helps your homeschool day sing! What would happen if you remembered to make eye contact with your kids, to pause and recall the fondness you had for your children when they were babies, and to get outside to breathe the fresh air? These are text message reminders I can get behind!"

Pam Barnhill,

"I was afraid these texts would call for last minute supplies or tons of prep time, but instead they are short, actionable reminders that help me connect with my kids. Even if I don't do exactly what the text suggests, it reminds to be in the moment with a smile, hug, or giggle."

Mary Wilson,

"Text messaging has been a very effective way to remind me to stop and connect with my kids. I see it on my phone and it is the perfect, gentle nudge to refocus my attention on what really matter to me - time with my kids"

Dachelle McVey,

Just the encouragement I needed on a day like today when all sorts of crazy were heading down my path. It was what this frustrated mom needed — a little comfort for the day. A little play, added to our day, to make all the other stuff seem, well, not so important."

Beth Napoli, Techie Homeschool Mom

"I love how Play 4 Life Moms uses technology to encourage moms. Their simple text messages remind me to focus on what's most important - connecting with my family. I'm reminded to set an atmosphere of joy in my home." - Beth Napoli, Techie Homeschool Mom

So what do our texts look like?  

You can expect a short message to encourage, inspire or challenge you!

P4LM ChallengeP4LM Encourage


So are you READY to build connection in your family?

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you.