Parenting Intentions

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How many weeks do you start out with plans for all the great things you are going to do with your kids?

Your plans might include a trip to the park or library, an ice cream treat, building a fort or baking cookies.

But you get to the end of the week and realized that you never got any of those fun things done! How did this happen? You had such good intentions!

Ideas to Make Those Intentions Happen:

  1. Write Down your Parenting Intentions.  I recommend starting small, maybe 2 or 3 per week.  If the intention is more a habit you are trying to develop (or break), 1 -2 per month is a good starting place.
  2. Use a Calendar. Write  “Library visit” or “Bake Cookies” in your calendar just like you would a dentist appointment.  It’s more likely to happen this way – I promise!
  3. Tracking. If your intention is more of a habit you are working on, you could add a star to each day on your calendar that you are successful.  I use a tracking system in my bullet journal where I track several things each day all on one page.  I simply put an X if that item happened.  Any system that helps you,  is a successful system!

Hear more about this idea in a FB live video here.

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