Let’s Talk About Connection

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How do you connect with your spouse? Your best friend? What is it that makes you feel connected?

My guess is that your answer will be different from mine. The same is true for our kids. So I’d like to challenge you this week to observe your kids to see if you can determine what makes them feel connected to you.  After you have observed for a few days and have some ideas, simply ask them, “When do you feel most loved by me?” or, “How can you tell that I love you?” The answer may be exactly what you think or it might be something totally different. Be careful not to respond to your child’s answer (showing shock or surprise) in a way that might hurt his or her feelings.

Now you can utilize this gained information to strengthen your connection with your kiddos! Make sure to dedicate some time each day or week to the activity that he or she values the most.

If you would like to more about this topic I highly recommend The Five Love Languages of Children.

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