5 Ways to Be A Playful Mom

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Here are 5 quick ways you can be a more playful mom in a matter of minutes.  


1. Dance.  Put on some great tunes and shake your groove thing.  Want to be more playful?  Add in freeze dance, musical chairs, or a balloon to keep in the air.


2.  Get out a deck of cards and play a game.  I suggest you play Trash.


  3.  Color.  Get out the crayons, markers, white paper and coloring books and color.  You’ll feel relaxed and               creative.


       4. Sing instead of talk.   Need to change things quickly,  try to sing everything you need to say to your kids for the next hour.


 5.  Use google maps to find a new park or trail near your house.  Schedule time to go to it in the next 5 days.


Keep it simple and low stress,  your goal is to Play, Connect and Love more. <3



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