September is the Perfect Reset

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“Life starts all over again

when it gets crisp in the fall.”

from F. Scott Fizgerald in The Great Gatsby

Do you feel it yet?  The seasonal change into fall, a crisp bite to the early morning air,  leaves on the top of the trees starting to change into bright colors.   Do the smell of brand new crayons and freshly sharpened pencils pull to your soul?

Septemeber is my favorite time to reset my life.   I feel the pull to look inward and reassess the things that really matter.  Of course, with the kids having soccer practice, classes, and scouting all around town I also have the privilege of time in the car to think.

The last few weeks of summer have left me breathless with the hustle and bustle of easy living into the structure of fall.    When that happens,  I’m not the connected, playful mom I want to be.  I get overwhelmed and drawn into the idea if I just stay busy then I’m doing the best I can.

But that’s not quite right at all.  Busy isn’t soul filling.   At all.   I totally value my being with my people over frantic output and productivity.  I value play and connection over Facebook likes and Instagram hearts.  Busy isn’t how I want my kids or husband to remember me.

To make sure that happens in my house,  I’ve written a new to-do list one that helps me be in the moment more and frantically do less. A list that will help me as an adult play more, connect more and love my family more.


  • Play classical music in the morning background for one hour.

  • Smile at each person who enters the room I’m in

  • Hug/Snuggle my kids at least 8 times a day.  (Talk about the oxytocin boost!)

  • Hold the hand of my husband at night time on our couch

  • Sit on our steps and read poetry aloud while the kids play outside.

  • Wear earrings or bright lip gloss

Does this inspire you?  You can make whatever changes you want, you have the power to curate a magical life.  We are cheering you on, comment below or tag us in an Instagram post sharing your reset to-do lists.


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