Geography Fun with Pin-It Maps

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Play helps us connect with our kids and when I can add learning to that play, I love it even more!

That is exactly what Pin-It Maps has done in our home!  The company offers continent maps, history maps, and world maps to help you learn geography in a fun way!

When you purchase a map set you get a foam board with pin map:

Westward Pin it maps

plus a control map (or more depending on the set):

Pin It Maps control map

and the labels and pieces to make the flags.  You will need to purchase pins and put the flags together yourself.

There are so many fun ways to use these maps.  My son and I have had some great discussions, learned about westward expansion and civil war battles so far.  We want the Asia map next so we can learn about the countries in Asia and the animals that live there.

You can use coupon code: maps to get 10% off of your order, as well!  Go check out Pin-it Maps – they are so much fun!

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