Constuction Play Box!

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Subscription boxes are all the trend right now.  I don’t know about you, but I always forget to cancel them in time when it just didn’t hit the mark.

I thought the best way to share resources for our monthly theme of CONSTRUCTION PLAY would be to make a virtual box.   That way you’re not surprised when you look at your bank statement like I normally am.

As a reminder, CONSTRUCTION PLAY is a pattern of play based on objects. It develops the skills to physically manipulate and control an object. Problem-solving skills, working with others, and perseverance are natural consequences of this play. Construction play allows for the development of a plan and the follow-through to make that design a reality. It also builds a shared common experience for your family to bond over.
Classic Toys:




These blocks are so amazing on a window sill on a sunny day!



A great toy for on the go and for quiet times when kids need to fidget.


These are neat when you use them with flashlights too!

Great for airplanes!



Here are some totaly out of the box ideas!


Cups are an endless source for construction. Pyramids, chairs, giant towers. What can your family build?


Knitting is totally construction!

Don’t forget the cool yarn 🙂






Have fun! Pause, connect, and play more!


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