Winter Games 2018

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I love the Olympics – Summer and Winter Games! It’s such a great time to connect with your kids by gathering everyone around to watch these amazing athletes.

We enjoy looking at the flags of the different countries, listening to the different national anthems that are played and revelling in the talents of the participants.

We get opportunities to discuss the hard work that goes in to being an Olympian and running such a huge event. We talk about all the well known and lesser known sports, we cheer on our favorites, talk about different cultures all while creating fun memories together!

Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy the Winter Games:

  1. Explore the official website of the 2018 Winter Games. You can see all the different sports, athletes and countries that will be included, as well as watch videos and see results of the events.  There is info about past and future locations, as well!
  2. Make a chart of medals for your favorite countries. You could do this on a posterboard, white board or clip board for ease or utilize a Google Spread sheet (which is taught in the online study mentioned below.)  You could then turn this into a pie chart or bar chart to sneak in some math learning.
  3. Host your own Olympic Games using ideas from our Pinterest board.
  4. Host a party with fun and yummy snacks to watch the Winter Games with your friends and family using ideas from our Pinterest board.
  5. Find crafts and other activities like mad libs and word search puzzles on our Pinterest board.

If you would like to take your Olympic interest even further I highly recommend this fun online study! It goes through the history of the Olympics along with information about the location for the Winter Games. Lots of great activities are included, as well. You can complete every part of the online class or only the parts that interest your family. It really is so much fun!!!!



How do you like to enjoy the Olympic Games with your family?

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