Play Box: Ice!

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Subscription boxes are all the trend right now.  I don’t know about you, but I always forget to cancel them in time when it just didn’t hit the mark

I thought the best way to share resources for our monthly theme of ICE PLAY would be to make a virtual box.   That way you’re not surprised when you look at your bank statement like I normally am.


ICE PLAY falls into MANY patterns of play.   When your child is exploring the texture of ice with bare hands, that falls into body play.  (This type of body play is often called sensory play.) The creation and playing with a micro world with ice as a mini-habitat would fall into the realm of imaginative and pretend play.  Using dry ice to test new ideas is creative play.


Playing with ice in varied forms is a shared experience that connects your family,  inside jokes may form, and your kids will watch you model having fun and trying new things.

Simple Supplies for Ice Cube Play:
Large Ice Cubes!

Smaller Ice Cubes, these are perfect 1-inch squares

FDA Food Grade Popsicle Sticks

Salt Rock, perfect for helping ice sculptures melt, and for making homemade ice-cream.

Tempra Powder Paint, mix this into each ice cube before it freezes for a simple art project.

Let’s make a Mini Artic Habitat!

Pro-Tip, this box is the perfect box for one kid enjoying sensory play.

To style the habitat:

Books inspire play too!


If you’re lucky enough to have snow and warm weather, you can use this to make snow bricks.


Don’t Break the Ice!

Don’t let Parka Pete Fall!

Air Hockey

Shaved Ice– yum! Perfect for watching the Olympics!

Movies about Ice!

Cool Runnings about the Olympic bobsled team from Jamica

The Ice Princess

The Cutting Edge

Mighty Ducks!

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