Who Are We?

Christy and Chantelle Bravewriter Retreat, 2016

Two moms who met online and share a passion for helping other moms provide meaningful connection to their children through play.

Christy Thomas

is a mom of three and a military wife. Former public school teacher turned into a nomadic homeschooler. Loves chalk pastels, running in silence, audiobooks and hot coffee.

Favorite Sources of Inspiration:
  • Books: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, Gracious Space by Julie Bogart, Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home by Elizabeth foss
  • Julie Bogart of Bravewriter
  • Podcasts: Tilt Parenting, Joyful Courage Parenting, Your Morning Basket, Homeschool Sisters

Chantelle Grubbs

is a mom of five, including one through international adoption, with ages ranging from 1-16! Former financial planner, turned homeschooling mom.  Loves reading, coffee and going to the bathroom alone.

Favorite sources of Inspiration:
  • Books: Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie, For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay
  • Julie Bogart of Bravewriter - Periscope, YouTube, books, blog
  • Podcasts: Read Aloud Revival, Homeschool Snapshots, Circe Institute